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Vivid, compelling representations of situations, stories and ideas.

Crafting stories and carefully piecing each detail together to complete a picture is not easy. It takes effort, research, attention to detail and an understanding of the big picture to get things going and to bring an entire series of programmes to fruition. It all starts out from that one idea that we pitch, the one that intrigues, fascinates and piques your curiosity and keeps you glued to your screen.

Capture Attention

and moments

Today, an average human’s attention span stands at a record of 1 second less than a goldfish which at least hangs around for 9 seconds to listen to you. Although just one minute of video alone is equivalent to 1.8 million words, it’s now getting more challenging to compress content into shorter time frames to capture your audiences.

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Compelling Storylines

Evoke emotion and provoke thoughts.

So, how will TV programmes fare in the future? We’re not worried. People still maintain their love for watching longer programmes as long as the storylines remain compelling, true situations are being addressed and emotion is evoked within the course of the programme. People watch shows that relate to them, their life situations and also offer them insight into other people’s lives.

At 2I1E, we keep our videos whether long or short, interesting, compelling and thought-provoking at every point, so you keep on watching with bated breath, in anticipation of what happens next.

Chat with us at chitchat@2i1e.com to find out video content (whether TV, large format or digital) can make a difference to your target audience’s viewing habits!