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Marketing Outreach

Who you reach out to is more important than how many people you reach out to.

Any form of product or service has its own target audiences, and it is important to understand both the psyche and the motivations of your target audiences when crafting a marketing campaign. At 2I1E, we take special care in ensuring our campaigns help showcase the value of your products and services to their target audiences. A step at a time, we build up audience engagement, interest as well as goodwill so potential customers and customers alike continue to share their love for the brand and their products and services.

Customise Campaigns

Grow audience interest and nurture leads.

We help brands customise campaigns that grow audience interest and nurture leads by educating, informing and engaging them with the brands as well as their products and services. We spread the word quickly yet carefully to plant seeds that will grow emotion, affection and attachment to the brands.

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Adds value

Good understanding of your product/ service.

We create content that adds value to your target audiences and this requires a process of research, planning, creation of content, knowing right sources for distribution then constantly reviewing and analysing the campaign results. Good marketing outreach planning involves a good understanding of your product/ service as well as your target audiences.

Allow us to work hand-in-hand with you to build the best marketing outreach plan for your business. Simply email us at to arrange for a discussion with our team!