video is effective for advertising


Content is Your Communications Tool.

Brand communications is best done through a series of creative visuals and content like videos which help provoke emotion, tell meaningful stories and engage audiences. Visual content especially video is getting more crucial in helping brands to send the right messages to consumers about their brand experience, their products or their services. Just one minute of video alone is equivalent to 1.8 million words and a simple sharing of a visual image is worth a thousand words.

Visual content

Communicate thoughts, emotion and stories.

Visual content is powerful and it should be used to communicate thoughts, emotion and stories that help shape a brand and give it character and personality. Most brands hop onto the latest trends but yet are unable to craft a core messaging and a planned content outreach that helps maintain a key consistent look and feel together with ideas that tie together with their key storyline and messaging.

a picture is worth 1000 words
storytelling for inspiring brands


Encouraging strong brand recall.

Creating a story that fits your brand personality and embodies all the key traits that the brand would like to share with its audiences is important in encouraging strong brand recall, emotional attachment and in essence brand loyalty. Some of the biggest brands including Apple have created strong brand attachment and stickiness by promoting a strong culture and story. Every single piece of creative content forms a piece of a puzzle that forms your brand concepts and identity. This is important for each of your products and services as well.

2 puzzle pieces for branding

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