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Every brand has its story, and every customer has a story to tell. People form a company and its customers are all people with emotions. Today, content that is produced needs to be able to reflect the voices of all its stakeholders, both employees and customers alike.

In this day and age, where social sharing has become more important, authenticity has also become even more important. It’s no longer enough to look for influencers, its more important to share the right opinions through real users, the right stories and at the right time.

Most people talk a lot about branded content and there has been some bad press about it about how it does not help meet a brand’s ROI (return on investment). However, we beg to differ. We’ve realised how many brands do not use branded content in the right ways and we’ve met people insisting on creating low cost branded content which wouldn’t quite bring about the right emotional, thoughts nor share the right values with their audience at large.

Branded content when done for the sake of having it done, can turn out to be either a PR disaster or wasted effort. Brands need to spend time working with their agencies to craft the right content that will lead to higher brand awareness, higher levels of brand satisfaction and also ultimately sales conversions.

Take for example the campaign idea of Coke bringing happiness from the skies which was a lovely piece and ideas of how Coca-Cola has employed technology such as drones to bring cool drinks of happiness right to inaccessible places where foreign workers in construction sites are toiling away. This generated so much goodwill for the brand, and little notes of appreciation written by Singaporeans touched the hearts of the workers.

Marriott took the ball game a little further with a branded content series called “Two Bellmen” a sequel to the JW Marriott-branded short film that premiered on YouTube in March, with Slumdog Millionaire and Rise of the Planet of the Apes star Freida Pinto and set in Dubai.

“Two Bellmen” was a high-production-value action/comedy that ran 15 minutes long, tipping it into another realm for branded content–and with more than 5 million views on YouTube. It had clearly found its audience. Marriott found that generating 15 minutes’ worth of engagement from people who sought you out is much more valuable than forcing people to stare at their phones while they ignore a 30-second spot before the thing they actually want to watch begins.

Closer to home, another branded content series with fantastically clear ROI for the brand was House of Little Moments. This was developed for Uni-Noodle Taiwan which struggled with keeping its proudly basic flavour while other competitors started to create variety with different condiments.

The House of Little Moments campaign was developed to allow the younger generation to feel more emotionally connected with Uni-Noodle. Thus, the agency planned various fusion recipes with Uni-Noodles and created a fictional noodle shop as the background in our story before filming a touching yet interesting micro movies series which was linked to a Uni-Noodle cooking recipe website. The campaign immediately became a hot topic. The micro movie series got over 8.7 million views on YouTube within 3 months. The brand even opened a real “House of Little Moments” due to the positive responses. The campaign successfully strengthened brand loyalty and attracted more youth.


We specialise in creating content that generates positive results that help achieve marketing objectives and we aksi employ new technologies besides drones, 360 video and videos with interactive layers, as well as VR and AR.

Branded content can be done and scripted in many ways to help brands break out of a stereotype and create their own community and sense of style, and yet lead to their desired marketing results through the right call-to-actions (CTAs).

Most brands tend to avoid creating branded content as they feel it is costly and not effective. There are many elements which contribute to a good brand story and branded content when done right will help you maximise your results!

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Break out of the Stereotypes and Craft a Campaign which matters not just One that is Inexpensive!

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