By the Core Team at 2I1E

Agencies are a dime a dozen in the market right now and the value of creative services has dropped since the market has become flooded with people from all walks of life wanting to become consultants and creative agency people. However, how do you know what is the value of the people involved?

Typically, agencies have one founder – the person that started the company. A lot of them either creative directors, production houses or simply account directors from large advertising or marketing agencies. Some are newbies on the scene, fresh intelligent young folks out from university and out to carve their career.

Depending on the stage in which your brand’s growth cycle is in, brands usually select different agencies to work with. For small to mid-sized brands, they tend to be more price conscious and would select boutique agencies purely comparing price points versus deliverables but larger brands would select large advertising agencies who likewise would run large scale projects with a much larger budget.

Where do you find the accurate balance between quality work, visibility and also reasonable budgets? ** Do note by reasonable budgets, we do mean a good pricing that would give quality work with the right content.

Many brands would hire several different agencies, or just one large global agency to handle several different tasks:
1. PR Agency
2. Creative Agency
3. Media Agency
4. Digital Marketing Agency
5. Production House
6. Market Research Firm

However, the work flow can get rather disjointed and you’d need to have more people handle the overall process to make sure communications are clear and that things get done on schedule. Many big agencies would also have a more cumbersome hierarchy and strict workflows on the number of changes and the lead time required.

However, there are now integrated marketing agencies that are niche and specialised and they can cater to a wide range of requirements, including creatives and marketing outreach. But then again, the effort taken to understand a brand would be way different if they are managing a full portfolio of other projects in another core business or if they solely specialise in one category of businesses or one type of business model but are unable to understand new concepts or take time to understand the brand’s needs.

It’s important for an agency’s core personnel to have the right expertise in handling campaigns and also putting out real content whether it is creatives or video production. Most importantly, the company needs to be interested in your brand and what you do, and also want to be part of what you are doing.

Most agencies love what they are doing, but have less interest in being with your business for the long run, and supporting your business in making breakthroughs in your marketing and branding strategies. Adding value all the way

That’s why we have carefully structured our business with the core management being from different disciplines – creative design, branding and marketing, as well as video production and broadcast. This, we believe, helps add the most value to your business.

We hope you, the brand owner, considers carefully before making your choice!

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Choose the Agency that will Grow Alongside You and with Your Business!

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